Product Marketing

potentiometer with upper & lower limits

A manually operated potentiometer providing variable control.
The additional and unique feature is that the upper and lower limits can be set.

fold flat sunglasses case

From research completed,
I've not found a sunglasses case that folds flat quickly and also will allow the individual to access their glasses from inside their pocket and without opening the case.

flat pack computer workstation

The workstation's marketing points are,
The monitor is raised which is far better for office ergonomics whilst providing more space on the table for other tasks.
As the table can fold down and the workstation supports the monitor, once folded flat the entire setup is less than 35cm in depth.
This is a considerable space saving solution.

fold down bed

Using 3d cad drawing,
The fold down bed was designed and build in two days and within a budget of under £70.